New Frontiers for Families

‚ÄčOpen Positions

DWS Job #: 1039347

Certified Peer Support Family Resource and Wraparound Facilitator- Part Time. 

DWS Job #: 1038552

Certified Peer Support Family Resource and Wraparound Facilitator - Full Time Early Psychosis Team 

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  • New Frontiers for Families Bike Show 
  • April 30, 2016 at the Panguitch Social Hall from 1-3PM. Come show support for New Frontiers for Families and take part in some fun family activities. Make sure to bring your bicycles of all shapes and sizes! 

Up Coming Events 

Mission: To provide peer and community support for families by coordinating wraparound, advocacy and education. 


Building communities that supports consumers and families 

We provide various educational classes through out the year, we personalize every oppurtunity to learn to best suit the families we serve. We represent this best with our efforts to work one-on-one with families. 

We are more than just support for families and members of our community. We advocate for them and for what they believe is right. We dont strive to just help families in "the system", we help them to find their own voices and to be able to find and utilize their natural supports. 

Wraparound is a planning process that helps children and their families function more effectively. This process results in a unique set of community services and supports that are individualized for a child and their family. 


Empowering Families to Succeed