New Frontiers for Families

Providing Agra Ablitiy programs. A national program designed to help farmers and ranchers facing limitations.. 

 Operate community youth support programs, by offering after school programs, teen support groups, and job coaching 

Provide Family Facilitators to families with complex needs. FRF's provide direct services to families, coordinate formal and informal supports, coordinate transportation, and train parents and individuals to manage care independently.

What We Do

New Frontiers for Families is a non-profit 501 c 3 organization established in 1998 to provide practical supports for Utah children or youth and their families with complex needs. Our goal is to have supports available to those with complex needs so that they can live safely at home, in a mutually beneficial relationship with other family members, progress through school, and participate productively in the community. New Frontiers for Families provides services statewide, our organization has roots in rural Utah and we are dedicated to serving those who reside in the rural regions of the state. 

New Frontiers for Families certified peer support specialist known as family resource facilitators, work to provide or connect the youth/families to education,training, and supports that will provide needed skills and supports empowering them to be an active partner in the decision making process. Our facilitators use the Wraparound model which is an evidence based practice that uses a team approach and empowers consumers and their families to be the decision makers.  

New Frontiers also offers afterschool programs, parenting classes, peer parenting in home, employment supports, including Agrability, We are dedicated to helping people remain in their community. 

Our corporate headquarter is located in Panguitch Utah with our business office in Tropic Utah. We are also a part of the resource center at Switchpoint in St. George Utah. New Frontiers is a member of the Utah Coalition with NAMI and Allies with families. 

*We define complex needs as barriers i.e. mental illness, disabilities, disadvantaged individuals. 

Our Background

New Frontiers for Families is a non-profit organization that provides education, advocacy, and direct support to consumers and families with complex needs in order to promote self sufficiency and to improve the quality of life. 

Working Together for Success

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