We Offer Various classes alongside with one-on-one mentoring and support groups.

some classes we offer are...

  • STEP Parenting​                                                                
  • Hope to Recovery
  • Q.P.R. Suicide Prevention
  • Why Try 
  • Mommy & Me 
  • How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk 

New Frontiers for Families also offers many great support groups! 

We advocate for our clients on all levels whether it is on a  Local, State, and Federal platform. 

We also offer several ASAP Afterschool Programs in Panguitch, Beaver, Minersville, and Milford. These programs are provided to community members at no cost to families. 

The afterschool programs provide a safe positive environment for students to work on homework, build social skills, get healthy snacks, enjoy supervised time outside, and various science activities. We also are very lucky to have serveral presenters come and teach lessons through out the year. 

For more information on these programs please call our office at (435) 676-2599


We Believe that education is a big part of creating success for the families and individuals that we serve!

New Frontiers for Families