What does a wraparound team do?

Answer: The wrap team jointly plans and implements services with youth and family; helps the family understand the supports that are available; Empowers the family to better negotiate their system of care better. 

Wraparound team: A group chosen by the family, it offers natural, formal (community services), and/or informal (family/peers) supports. This may include caregivers, agency staff, community members such as coaches or church leaders, friends, or anyone who holds a positive role in the youths life.

In rural Utah, research has showed that children who have emotional and behavioral problems and their families have improved by;

  • The youth functioning better 
  • Families were overall happier 
  • Service effectiveness increased 
  • Average cost of services decreased
  • Families felt better prepared to handle crisis
  • Long lasting and stable transitions out of the heavy use of services. 

Wraparound With Fidelity

A System of Care 

New Frontiers for Families

What do FRF's or Family Advocates do?

Answer: FRF's facilitate Wraparound, they support the youth and their family, while ensuring the family voice is being heard at various meetings. They help families in partnering with agencies in the community. 

What is Wraparound with Fidelity?

  • Provides individual families with a family advocate 

  • A wraparound team (chosen by the family with help of a Family Resource Facilitator) 

  • Parent Education 

  • Case management 

Wraparound focuses on the goals of keeping children in their communities, safely in their homes, and successful in school. 

A Family Resource Facilitator (FRF) is a trained professional with first hand experience of what the families they serve could be dealing with.

FRF's ensure that service is 

  • Strength-based
  • child-centered
  • family driven

  • culturally competent 

  • individualized care 

Wraparound maintains cross-agency services that are efficient and effective.